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Ynfra : Lights on #tt Session 2014/01/16

This week we finished the Android App Ynfra and the corresponding Raspberry component Ynfra rpi so that we were able to control an LED strip using an Android app. Furthermore we started mirroring our projects to GitHub.

Interoberlin geht ein Licht auf. In dieser Session haben wir die App Ynfra und die Rasperry Komponente Ynfra rpi soweit fertiggestellt, dass wir den Infrarot Empfänger eines LED Bandes per App ansteuern konnten.
Nebenbei haben wir drei unserer Android Projekte auf Github gespiegelt.

Bolyde : Steering #tt Session 2013/07/25

Gotcha! This session we managed to control throttle and steering of our model boat via our Android app.

Let’s start at the beginning: We went to a model shop in Berlin Mitte in order to buy a new remote control. All other parts of the boat’s electronic were still working more or less. We decided to get a minimum equipment in order to get the whole thing work from end-to-end without paying too much.

We opened the remote control we bought and measured the different electric potentials which were applied when the throttle was triggered or the steering wheel was turned. Afterwards we disconnected the original control triggers and steering wheel from the mainboard and soldered two different cables on it that were then connected with Raspberry Pi’s I/O pins.

After putting some effort in configuration we could watch first results: propeller as well as the rudder reacted on input of the Androd app! We still have to fight some latency issues but we hope we can get it ready for a first trial next week.