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Tools : Build Automation with Jenkins #tt Session 2013/06/27

During this session we took a brake from working on our model boat project. This is partly caused by the explosion of model boat remote control…

We concentrated on our build processes which we want to use for Android and Raspberry alike. Today we focussed on deployment of Android apps. For that reason we installed fdroid on our server. Fdroid can be used as a Android repository for binaries as well as sources. Using the fdroid app we can receive the latest version of all apps we are working on.

Android app deployment automation

Whenever someone pushes any changes on an Android app to the source code management system a job on our continuous integration system Jenkins is triggered. This job fetches the latest sources and builds an Android apk file. After that the Jenkins job copies it to our fdroid repository and updates it.

Bolyde : Communikation #tt Session 2013/06/06

During this session we worked on communication between an Android app and a Raspberry Pi. We are planning to send data from the acceleration sensor of a mobile device to Raspberry Pi in order to use it for remote controlling a model boat. The first steps are done. Until next Thursday we plan to add more configuration features to the app. Furthermore we want to put some basic communication output on Raspberry e.g. some LEDs to see if the values are transmitted correctly.

Update: In order to speed up our deployment processes we started to include a C++ cross compiler in our continuous integration system Jenkins so that we can compile binaries for Raspbian on our debian server.