Lymbo is an Android app which provides learning cards that can be populated with any kinds of content. Stacks of cards are defined in xml based lymbo files which can be shared between devices.

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Installation manual Fdroid

The Lymbo App is not available in the Google Play Store. It can be installed and updated using Fdroid. Fdroid is an alternative Android app platform which exclusively contains free and open source software.

Where to get Fdroid?

In order to install Fdroid on your Android phone you need to allow installation from sources other than Google Play in your phone’s security settings.

lymbo-fdroid-01     lymbo-fdroid-02

The Fdroid app get retrieved for free from By executing the downloaded apk file you start the installation of Fdroid.

How to get Interoberlin apps?

After Fdroid is installed on your phone you have to add the Interoberlin repository to the package sources list. You can do so by navigating to the menü “Manage package sources”. Tap on the + button to add an adress of a new source.


In this case you have to type After that you need to activate the source and load the new information by clicking on the refresh button.


In Fdroid’s main screen you should now see all the apps made by Interoberlin. By clicking on the Lymbo app icon you will see details about the app. You can start the installation by clicking on the + button.

lymbo-fdroid-06    lymbo-fdroid-07