Sentient Light Vision

Sentient Light is a generic system which reactively controls LEDs. Using parameters from the surroundings, such as the presence and motion of people moving in the space, the system can change the color and intensity of light installations throughout the room. This makes the room is ‘intelligent’ in the sense that it can react to the behaviour of people in the space.  We hope is that this technology can be used passively and actively by visitors to inspire more sentient and emergent behaviour.

The project is currently being realized in Baumhaus Berlin. Das Baumhaus is a project and event space in Berlin Wedding where people can meet, collaborate and work on social and ecological projects and other topics related to sustainable development and making the world a better place in general.  Baumhaus also offers services from a sustainable solutions collective of over 100 interdisciplinary freelancers.



Project goals

The aim of the project is the conception and realization of a reactive light installation which can be used inside Das Baumhaus Berlin. This includes design, manufacturing and firmware coding.


The general idea is to measure environmental parameters using sensors and to transfer measured values to a central processing device. There all the values will be aggregated and transformed by a mapping engine.

sentient light - konzept


Transformed values in turn will be sent to actors which will use them as input values.

Bluetooth Smart

Sensors, actors and the processing device communicate via radio signals using Bluetooth Smart and span a network of things. It features a simple protocol stack and low energy consumption and is supported by most smartphones and tablets.

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