Jenkins Continuous Integration

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool which can be used to automate processes. This contains building, deploying, testing and whatever you could do manually. It allows for defining jobs that can be triggered manually or automatically. These jobs can contain shell or DOS code or even ant scripts.

Jenkins runs on our Debian server and can be configured and monitored via a web interface. One great feature is to connect Jenkins with SVN which we chose as our version control system. Jobs on Jenkins can checkout a local working copy of SVN repositories and work on. Furthermore it can trigger jobs when SVN has changed.

Deployment of Liferay Plugins

We built Jenkins jobs that checks out Liferay Plugins from SVN into the Jenkins workspace. One plugin will be copied into the PluginsSDK environment of a specific Liferay instance where the build will be triggered by an ant script that also deploys the plugin into the Liferay instance.

Deployment of Android apps 

One of our Jenkins jobs checks out the sources of an android app from SVN into the Jenkins workspace and builds the apk file afterwards. For this purpose the Android SDK version needed for the this app must be installed on the server. After the apk file is built it will be copied to our Owncloud cloud device. Every developer Android device using the Owncloud app has access to this new built app.

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